American Elm – Ulmus americana

Location: between 7227 & 7241 Greenway

American elm is native to eastern North America occurring from Nova Scotia west to Alberta and South to Florida and central Texas. It is a large deciduous tree which makes it impressive as a street tree, as this specimen demonstrates. However it is susceptible to Dutch elm disease, which has decimated elm trees in many cities. It can reach a height of 130 feet and has a vase-shaped, rounded crown. It is also long lived and fast growing. Some have been reported to be as old as 300 hundred years old.

The dark green leaves are ovate shaped with toothed edges. Small green flowers form in the spring, and bees, butterflies, and other pollinators which are good for the environment are attracted to them. The flowers then change into seeds which provide food for the birds and small mammals. In the fall the foliage turns yellow. The dark grey, deeply furrowed bark is a pleasing feature for the winter. The tree is hardy and tolerant of drought and urban conditions which combine to make it low maintenance as well as beautiful.

Beautifying University City, MO