Heman Park

Many years ago, the People to People Arboretum was created in Heman Park along both sides of a branch of the River des Peres. On the north side it extends eastward from the back of the swimming pool area along the gravel road toward the low water bridge across the creek. Twenty-one trees are included. On the south side the first two trees are by the right field area of Jack Buck Field. Eighteen other trees extend eastward along both sides of the paved path.

Originally fifty trees were planted; some have been lost due to construction, disease and poorly drained soil. The forty-one remaining trees show part of the great variety of trees that are available for planting in the St. Louis area. Time, pests and environmental conditions have weakened some of the remaining trees. They remain included as they help illustrate the diversity of size, shape, foliage texture, flowers and bark that make each of them interesting.

Heman Park Arboretum

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The tree walks are the work of the Urban Forestry Commission:

  • Nancy Baglan
  • Jack Breier
  • Carole Dean
  • Linda Fried
  • Anukriti Hittle
  • Ted Slegesky
  • Nancy Solodar
  • James Crowe, U City Forester
  • Norma Bonham Schechter, Forester emeritus

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