Norway Maple – Acer platinoides

The Norway maple is a deciduous tree whose broadly-rounded crown can reach 90 ft. in height. As a young tree this tree’s bark is smooth; as it ages, it becomes black, ridged and furrowed. The Norway Maple leaves are paired, dark green, palmate (like a hand), broader across than from base to tip, and have marginal teeth with long hair-like tips. In the spring it’s leaves are bright yellow-green; in the summer the fruits mature into paired winged “samaras” joined broadly at nearly 180° angle.

The Norway Maple was brought to the US from England. Because of its shade, hardiness and adaptability to adverse conditions it has been widely used on farms and in towns to replace disappearing Elm trees. Sadly, this tree has been now become invasive in many states because, once established, it creates a canopy of dense shade that prevents regeneration of native seedlings. Additionally, the shallow roots of the Norway maple tree make it difficult for other plants to grow near its base.

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