Pecan – Carya illinoinensis

Location: group of 6 near intersecton of Kingsbury and Overhill

Pecan is the largest of the hickory trees reaching more than 70 feet tall. In an open area its crown is large and rounded. Leaves are compound with 9 – 17 leaflets. They are aromatic when crushed and show yellow fall color. Pecans are monoecious trees meaning the 3 – 6 inch pendulous male flowers and the separate, less conspicuous, female flowers grow on the same tree. Trees can be sloppy in fall when leaves and nuts fall. Thomas Jefferson was an early planter of pecans and hundreds of horticultural selections have been made for size of nut, tastiness, ease of shelling, hardiness and quantity of fruit production. The wood of pecan is not very important commercially, but can be used in furniture, cabinets, and flooring.

Beautifying University City, MO