Ponderosa Pine – Pinus ponderosa

Location: Fogerty Park walkway

Ponderosa pine is native to the western United States where under optimal growing conditions champion trees may exceed 200 feet in height although 60 feet is more common in cultivation. Its needles are in bundles of 3 and sometimes 2; they are curved and stiff from 5-10 inches long.  Stems are orange-brown or greenish when young turning nearly black with age and smelling of vanilla when bruised. Cones are 3-6 inches long and up to 2 inches wide.

Ponderosa pine prefers a moist loam soil; however it tolerates most soils as long as they are well drained. Full sun is required; drought tolerance once established is good; unlike many pines salt tolerance is also good; and a wide range of altitudes are acceptable. Ponderosa pine is cultivated extensively in the west and produces more timber than any other pine.

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