Sycamore – Platanus occidentalis

Location: in Green Center circle drive

This sycamore was propagated from a tree growing on Ellis Island and was offered to U City by the American Forestry Association as part of its program to propagate trees from historic places. Sycamore is widely considered to be the most massive tree native to eastern North America. It reaches a height of 75-100 feet with a trunk diameter of 3-8 feet. It is found along streams, rivers and flood plains throughout Missouri.

The distinctive bark exfoliates leaving white areas on the trunk, which aid in identification.The leaves are large with 3-5 lobes with coarse teeth on the margins. Small flowers appear in spring; the female flowers produce a dense packed ball of seeds which disperse in the wind. Native Americans used the hollowed out trunks for canoes. Other uses include furniture, barrels and crates.

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