Bird Garden

The Heman Park Bird Habitat Garden was created for habitat protection, enhancement and restoration that will attract local and migratory birds. The space is dedicated to the enjoyment and enrichment of the public and to the education of all ages about birds and their needs in order to thrive.

The garden is located at the northeast corner of Centennial Commons.  It is on a major migratory bird flyway, and provides food and habitat for local and migratory birds. It also includes a fountain and rain garden for water sources.

See common local birds

Native plants
This garden is planted entirely with plants native to our area. Using native plants in landscaping is the single most important way to attract indigenous birds, butterflies, pollinators and other wildlife. These plants and animals evolved together over countless generations, becoming uniquely adapted to each other. As biodiversity increases, so does the environmental health of the landscape and that of humans.

We hope this garden will inspire those who enjoy it to incorporate more and more natives in their yards. Native plants require less water, fertilizer and maintenance because they are adapted to our climate.

Thank you!
Funding for this garden has been provided by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife grant, an Employees Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis grant, the St. Louis Audubon Society, U City Parks Foundation, U City in Bloom and private donors.

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