2015 in Review

City Hall
Imagine University City without flowers. Imagine entering our historic City Hall without walking past masses of flowers in the Centennial Gardens. Think of the children entering their school and not being greeted by blooming, vibrant beds of flowers. And how many times have you walked into Centennial Commons and remarked not only on the floral display but the fragrance coming from the gardens? By giving your financial help U City in Bloom will keep our city in bloom.

For more than 30 years U City in Bloom has partnered with the City, the School district, the Library, and the U City Parks Department. But most importantly we have had YOU on our team. As a UCB supporter you have helped with:

  • Fixing up and planting flowers for 12 homes in a project with SHED, safe homes for the elderly and disabled.
  • Working with the Municipal Commission on Arts and Letters photo show so that the U City 2017 calendar will feature UCB gardens.
  • Aiding the new U City Monarch Group in developing its first certified Monarch Waystation, featuring milkweed, native, and nectar plants, at UCB’s Vernon Nursery
  • Hosting a “Native Plant Landscaping Open House” which was held in the Bird Garden behind Centennial Commons, and helped to educate more than 100 guests about the sustainability of native plantings.
  • Making the 2015 Garden Tour extremely successful and welcome more than 300 guests, which included a lovely reception in the ornate Lobby of our City Hall.
  • Promoting the UCB volunteer program by adding a once a month Saturday Work Day for our gardens.

As we look to the future, we anticipate adding new gardens at the entrances to University City and are in the early stages of developing an exciting new initiative to beautify the Olive Boulevard Corridor.

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