Rain gardens/Bird garden cleanup

Spring is in session at the Heman Park Bird Garden.  Saturday’s workday included a great presentation from U City in Bloom’s Betty Withrow about the benefits of rain gardens and the how to’s of creating one.  

A rain garden is a shallow landscaped depression that functions as a detention and filtration area for rain water.  Rain gardens are beneficial as they help to reduce runoff, minimizing erosion and pollution in neighborhood streams, restore ecosystems and increase biodiversity while providing bird and insect habitats.

Eastern Leatherwood

 If you missed the opportunity to attend and want information about rain gardens, please let us know.   Thanks for those who came out to help in the garden by cutting back grasses and weeding and learning–your time and work is appreciated by all especially the birds! Enjoy some of the early beauties making appearances in the Bird Garden.  

Witch hazel




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