Beautifying Olive Blvd in U City

Check it out!  The beautification efforts have begun! The first phase of planters are in and plants are in place!

The beauty for Olive Blvd
The beauty for Olive Blvd

The Background:  Olive Blvd. stretches four miles through the center of University City, from the light industrial district on our eastern border, along Heman Park, and westward to I-170 through the International District of Asian shops, businesses, and restaurants. Olive Blvd. is often the first impression a visitor to our community has. Over the years, the City worked to make this important corridor more attractive. Decorative street lights in some areas, and a grant program to encourage business owners to freshen up the facades of their buildings are among these efforts. U City in Bloom has partnered with the City to improve Olive Blvd. and received funding from EDRST (the Economic Development and Retail Sales Tax fund) for thirty three-foot square planters. These large planters, are currently being placed and planted on Olive Boulevard from the western city limit to Woodson Road, will brighten the streetscape at this important entrance.

The Olive Challenge:  Earlier this spring, a couple talked with U City in Bloom about making a significant financial contribution. They learned about the planters  and were excitied by this new effort to enhance a street which is an important part of their family’s history as well as U City. They offered to donate $10,000 to add more planters at bus stops along the length of Olive. Additionally, they challenged U City in Bloom to raise additional money to further this beautification project.   If U City in Bloom can raise up to $16,000, they will add another $6,000 to their gift.

How to expand the planters further down Olive Blvd:    U City in Bloom is appreciative of the support  it has enjoyed from the City of University City and its citizens for over thirty years. First impressions count! Help us make this vital route through the center of University City more welcoming. Donations of any size are appreciated.

You can use the convenience of your PayPal or Credit card account to make a contribution by simply clicking on the link below:

Enter “Olive Beautification” in the “In memory/honor” field so your donation will count toward the match.

Thank you for your continued support to make our community a more beautiful place to live and visit.


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