The Blooms in our gardens

Snowy magnoliaLooking out the window at the iron gray sky promising another snow storm, I try to think about the flowers that will soon emerge and proclaim the arrival of spring.   There is a lot of energy out there in the soil under all of that snow as shown by  little green thumbnails of daffodils beginning their push and hints of it in the slight swelling of buds on the magnolia outside my window.

Turning the page of a bright colored garden magazine, such a contrast to the white covered landscape outside, my thoughts go to the gardens I take care of and the flowers that they will produce. Not to the flowers that will grow in the ground, but the other flowers that thrive in our gardens. The particular flowers I am thinking about are often missed because they only appear briefly, maybe once or twice a week or some more ephemeral ones whose appearance is always a welcome surprise. Some of these flowers are bold and strong and bring consistency in the garden while others are softer with just the right touch of subtlety to make our garden a delight. A few even flower pretty frequently in the winter. These flowers all have a place in the garden whether they have been only growing for a short while or have spent many years in our beds.

I am thinking of the most important flowers in our U City in Bloom garden family, our volunteers. Knowing that spring will come I am excited that we will begin to see more of these welcome Blooms begin to appear. Each and every one is welcome and all are important elements to the success of our beautiful and vibrant garden family. So I smile and I am inspired as I think of the dedication of these special people who take such time and care to give to something great. Thank you I say! You know who you are…and if you want to be a part of our bouquet please come and join us as we grow.

3 thoughts on “The Blooms in our gardens”

  1. What is the name of the new trees on delmar in the loop. Some are amilanchier shrubds. The single stem trees are? Thanks penney

    1. Penney,
      Thanks for your question. I am checking with our Horticultural Director to make sure I have accurate information for you and will hope to have an answer for you soon.

    2. Penney
      According to Jesse, the new trees in the Loop are Hornbeams, Serviceberry, Callery Pear and Gingkos. Hope to see you at the plant sale!

      Jane Myers
      U City in Bloom

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