Adopt a Block day

ucbv11402528_1035866873098258_91206109470361173_oThanks to the U City in Bloom volunteers who came out to the “Adopt-A-Block” project on Saturday, June 13th.  The project was started by SHED volunteers (safe housing for elderly and disabled) and funded with an award won by the city for their outstanding participation in Make a Difference Day, October 2014.

There were about 50 total volunteers,  22 of which were U City in Bloom volunteers to help with 16 houses and a vacant lot that got mowed and had weeds removed from a fence.

UCB volunteers filled about 20 yard waste bags and then left more branches, large weeds that the city picked up.  Volunteers trimmed, pulled weeds, dug up bad plants, divided other plants and added those to other gardens.  Mulch was also added in front of most of the houses and flowers were planted.

The parishioners and the Pastor at Mt Gideon church were very hospitable and helpful opening their rec room as a base.  They very kindly provided ice, water, and picked up trash.

Volunteers enthusiastically worked on projects and supported each other.  Cheers went up when a huge euonymus vine was finally pulled off the tree by a young volunteer.

Some home owners participated or just watched and were thankful for the help.  Heard from several of our volunteers who said they had participated in paint-up, fix-up projects before but this was the most rewarding, and asked when we were doing another “Adopt A Block” project.

 The end result was a U City block that  looks clean, neat, and pretty by some weeding, trimming, adding mulch and flowers.

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