Olive Boulevard beautification

OlivebasketsWhat’s in bloom?  Look up! Pink and magenta petunias all along Olive Blvd. in University City are now in place in the hanging baskets.

Floral and hanging baskets brighten and improve the ambiance of streets in many cities and the 76 baskets that stretch from Midland to Grant provide seasonal color to Olive Blvd.

Petunias provide great flower power, are tough and can take the harsh conditions of intense sun and drying winds.   To improve their chances of thriving, the baskets are lined with a sphagnum moss to help retain moisture.  This is the same moss used at MOBOT and their grower there advised me to use it.   There is also a core of  gel-like material in the center of each basket that will hold water.  Petunias like a lot of feeding,  so ideally we will fertilize every two weeks with a liquid plant food.  Usually in containers, petunias will need to be cut back by a third at least two times a summer to rejuvenate the blossoms.

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